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Welcome, My Name is Otto R. Matic, GMA Senior Advisor, Associate and protégé to Sir Jefferson G. Meriwether, GMA., Success Coach, Personal Financial Advisor, Wealth Management, Author,  Philanthropist.


The Ancient Secrets revealed within my Success T.O.D.A.Y. Program, leading the bearer to Infinite Wealth & Success, are NOT meant to be shared to just anyone and are therefore only suitable and fully made available to few.

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Your Life Circumstances

will drastically Improve 

following this 

"Best Kept Secret"

Ancient Technique 

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Learn how to 

  • Take Full Control of Your Destiny. 
  • Achieve & Attract ANYTHING YOU WANT and visualize.
  • design your future
  • Approach Your goals 


Learn To: 



Overcome Your Fears

Think like A Winner

Boost Your Confidence

Attract Money & Success

Achieve Anything You Want

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Your Chance to Gain Access to exclusive Knowledge

My exclusive Success T.O.D.A.Y. Program

will Help You to Lead Yourself to Achieve Anything You Want and Desire with Great Success.

Based on elusive Ancient Knowledge,

spiced with Meriwethers' Expertise,

this  Success Coaching is Your Chance 

to reach imminent Success within

all Segments of Your Life

by Alligning Your

Mind to:






Think Positive 

+ Fight and Overcome Your fears and

ban negative energy from Your Life.


 + Focus on what's Important to You and

set Your personal Life Goals.


 + Visualize and Structure Your Future

according to your Goals.



+ take Action to enable Admission

(more information inside).



 + in abundance from your achievements

and enjoy your destined Life.





I will show you step by step how Wealthy and Successful people achieve

all their Goals in Life

and exactly how You can apply their Secret Techniques to Your Life as well. 


If You Attend to my Success T.O.D.A.Y. Program, You will experience Positive Changes in Life .


 That is a Promise.


Jefferson G. Meriwether + Success Coach

Success T.O.D.A.Y


The "Best Kept Secret" 

Code to Infinite Wealth & Prosperity 

Learn the Secret Technique that will enable Your true Capabilities

(More Information Inside)

Become the Grand Architect of Your Universe


Take Full Control of Your Destiny Now!

Start designing Your Future T.O.D.A.Y.!

Unlock Your hidden Gateway to the Universe & Achieve, Accomplish & Attract ANYTHING You Desire and Imagine.

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Take Control pdf.,+ 28 Videofiles, 28 Audiofiles, 3 ebooks, 3 Training Tools + Bonus


  • 1) Take Control Chapter 1 pdf

         + Lessons and Mindhacks


  • 2) Take Control Chapter 1

     10Videos mp4 & 10Audiofiles mp3 :

     1)Control Your Emotions

     2)Control Your Mind & Body

     3)Eliminate Procrastination 

  • see the full list here


  • 3) The Power Of Discipline

         Power Of Discipline 8 Videos mp4 and 8 Audio mp3 Parts 1-8


  • 4) Success Habits 

         Success Habits 10 Videos mp.4 and 10 Audio mp3 Parts 1-10


  • 5) Success Toolkit

         Mind Map       html

         Vision Board  html

         Cheet Sheet  html


  • 6) Prep Literature (ebooks)

         Making it Happen ebook .pdf

         Law Of Atttraction ebook .pdf

         Self Improvement & Motivation for Success .pdf


  • 7) Bonus


Access to the Success TODAY Network Community Platform

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Where You can easily Access & Attend the Success TODAY Course Units, Videos and Materials and more, directly from your personal profile within the Success TODAY Group online.


Explore Our New Clean Social Media Platform,

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Find unique earning Opportunities, Socialize, Chat, Post, Like

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Surround Yourself with equally Motivated People

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Learn, Progress & Grow together within

the exclusive new Platform.


Your Success...

and all the necessary Tools and Mind Hacks to Achieve it.




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"Nothing Will Change, Unless You Change First"


This Is Your Chance To Take Action 

and MAKE YOUR LIFE Change!

Start T.O.D.A.Y.




The Experience Success T.O.D.A.Y. Program



Join Success TODAY and get instant Access to:



Welcome Success Package


(Download) including: Take Control pdf., 

28 Videofiles, 28 Audiofiles, 3 ebooks, 3 Tools + Bonus


  • 1) Take Control Chapter 1 pdf

         + Lessons and Mindhacks


  • 2) Take Control Chapter 1

          10Videos mp4 & 10Audiofiles mp3 :

          see the full list here


  • 3) The Power Of Discipline

         Power Of Discipline Videos mp4 and Audio mp3 Parts 1-8


  • 4) Success Habits 

         Success Habits Videos mp.4 and Audio mp3 Parts 1-10


  • 5) Success Toolkit

         Mind Map       html document

         Vision Board  html document

         Cheet Sheet  html document

  • 6) Prep Literature (ebooks)

         Making it Happen ebook pdf.

         Law Of Atttraction ebook pdf.

         Motivation for Success .pdf

  • 7) Bonus

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Barbara Schmidt

Dortmund, DE


Am Anfang war ich schon etwas skeptisch, ob das Programm wirklich funktioniert. 

Seit ich dabei bin geht mir alles viel leichter von der Hand und ich hatte auch schon einige Erfolgserlebnisse...

Echt Super!

David Wilsom

Melbourne, AU


This Program is actually making me change my whole Life Style to the better.  Before I started I was very Depressed, but now my Life is Great. I'm enjoying every Day, I have just started Chapter 2. I love it!

Emma H. Rosenberg

Tel Aviv, Israel


I have to say the Mind Hacks have really helped me to overcome my shyness and I have gained a lot of Self Esteem and Energy to Approach my personal Goals in Life.

Thank God.

Amy Johnson


I have just started the Course 2 Weeks ago and I must admit it actually motivates me to go and get what I want out of Life.

I definitely feel different somehow more relaxed and balanced, but excited as well. 

Leading You to

A Better Life.


It's already INSIDE YOU!

Allow Yourself to Prosper and Unlock Your Inner Gateway to the Universe.

Allow Me to Show You exactly How I myself and most other wealthy people I know got to become who they are today.

My Reason for sharing this secret with you



I believe that all humans should have the chance and right to live free and happy without constantly having to worry about paying the bills and spending, not to say "wasting", their precious lifetime chasing money, in most cases sadly merely enough to survive. 


It took me years to get to where I am today and certainly took my share of multiple financial losses, wrong turns and bad investments along the road, learning it the hard way.


After years of struggling to get ahead and trying to become rich I came to meet my Mentor (who will remain anonymous) on the Day that changed my life forever, Thursday July 3rd 2003, through quite mysterious circumstances. 


He saw my struggle and potential , took me under his wings and let me in on this ancient knowledge which led me to "suddenly" achieve everything I ever wanted and more within the following year. 

Things that seemed so difficult to achieve before, became trivial. 


All my financial and personal problems of sorts vanished and everything I put my mind to turned to Success.


My Mind was opened and I haven't had a single bad Day ever since.


 Now that I am financially free and am living my best life for several years, I came to think of helping people to achieve the same, but much easier and faster, without all the bumps and bruises.


I am more than grateful to be able of enjoying the hassle free, independent, fulfilled  and easy lifestyle I love so much and therefore prefer to remain anonymous to the public. 


My sole personal interest in this project is to help you, achieve and accumulate the same wealth, mental and financial liberty, by showing you what I do and how you can do it too.


I, for myself, don't believe in showing off my private properties, cars and other personal luxuries publicly with intent to convince you, to basically take action for your own life and wellbeing.  


You will never find me on YouTube videos, deceivingly presenting my new Yacht, Mansion or Lamborghini Diablo, scamming people into buying some magic overnight millionaire system or similar nonsense.


I came up with a simple step by step program that will prepare and enable you to financially progress rapidly.  


I took a long time to combine all the knowledge, tools and services that finally "made" me become successful and wealthy, and are constantly, even while you are reading this, generating vast amounts of passive income for me.


"The Ultimate Secret Guide to Wealth and Independence" partly contains ancient knowledge and well kept secrets that demand to remain as such, to be revealed only to a chosen few.


Until now I was pretty busy helping my family, friends and other people close to me to achieve the same and have now decided it is time to expand the help to more people struggling financially during current unfortunate economic times and conditions.


Let Me help You help Yourself to...

Take Control of Your Destiny.

Design and Structure Your Life according

to Your Own Desires, Goals & Vision.

Start living the Way You Deserve.

Identify Great Opportunities.

Change Your Life Style.

Welcome Success

into Your Life.







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"Nothing  Changes unless You Change first"


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